Document Management and Workflow Automation

DocuWare Document Management

DocuWare is an intuitive digital workflow solution that securely captures, moves and archives documents across your processes. The DocuWare Platform provides secure content services for document management as well as workflow automation around your business processes.

Docuware Certification

Certified Gold Partner

Applied Computing Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a proud certified Authorized DocuWare Partner in DocuWare’s Professional Solution Selling Program. ACT is registered at the Gold Partner Level. Our Document Management (DM) Subject Matter Experts (SME) maintain DocuWare certifications for both DocuWare Application Consultants (DAC) & DocuWare System Consultants (DSC). As an authorized value-added reseller, our team can help you to get the biggest return from your software investment. We're here to assist you and your organization with navigating through your transformation from legacy paper-based processing, installation and configuration of your electronic file cabinets, implementation of your business processes in defined workflows and automation, extending your current investment, securing your solution, and rolling out the solution to your end user community.  

HOW IT WORKS - DocuWare collects your documents into a single, secure, organized archive. Route documents through digital workflow, search on anything, and integrate with other key applications. All of this from within a fast, browser-based interface.

Overview Diagram of DocuWare showing Content Capture and Ingestion, Process Intelligence and Workflow, and Content View and Decision-Making

Our Approach

DocuWare Security

Security is at the core of the DocuWare Platform. Starting with access to the DocuWare system and the file cabinets the solution is protected by a login procedure as well as secure data exchanges between the components. Authentication checks and verifies the identity of the user logging on ensuring that they are only allowed to access information they have been granted permissions. This security concept applies to IT components or applications that are to access the DocuWare system as well.

DocuWare is certified for SOC 2, Type 2 & ISO 27001 - The Service Organization Control (SOC) governs how to report on the status of internal control parameters, including security and availability. It follows the AICPA Trust Services Principles and Criteria. DocuWare is also certified for ISO 27001.

The DocuWare solution can be used to assist organizations with meeting Privacy Standards including HIPPA- The US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and CCPA - The California Consumer Privacy Act. HIPAA regulates the protection of sensitive health information to prevent it from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. CCPA governs how companies around the world must handle the personal information of California residents. Any violation of the rules may result in high penalties. With DocuWare, you can store and process data and documents to ensure HIPPA or CCPA compliance.

High Level Security Information

  • Document Encryption - All documents a restored with AES encryption, the US standard for top-secret documents with the highest military level of secrecy. For maximum protection, DocuWare relies on a key size of 256 bits, with symmetrical keys of 1024 bits. A new symmetrical key is generated for every document. This means that patterns cannot be recognized or keys calculated even with crypto analysis.
  • Communication Encryption - The entire data traffic takes place via HTTPS with TLS encryption. This prevents critical data such as passwords and financial information from being captured. All customer data is secured via VPN at data centers used by DocuWare Cloud. In addition, technologies such as HSTS protect the cloud services, for example, against downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking.
  • Data Separation - Your organization’s data is strictly separated from the DocuWare system data. All actions are logged.
  • Data Storage and redundancy - With DocuWare Cloud, data is stored on a triply-mirrored basis in data centers (depending on the data protection region in the EU or the USA). In addition, the documents are also stored at a second location in the same region.  Data can be also stored redundantly in on premise deployments.


24/5 Vendor Helpdesk with your DW Support Contract - DocuWare offers worldwide support 24 hours a day / 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) in case of business-critical incidents. DocuWare Support uses the "Follow-the-Sun" model. Meaning, that depending on which DocuWare support location is active, it will take over and respond to Support Requests coming from customers and partners around the world.

The Right Solution for your Organization

Preconfigured Solutions

Preconfigured DocuWare solutions enable you to start digitizing central business areas straight away.  These solutions are very fast, targeted for entry into office automation, making possible solutions for specific teams or key applications such as invoice processing or digital files and workflows in personnel management.

DocuWare Human Resources Employee Management

  • DocuWare for Employee Management digitizes, centralizes and organizes employees’ HR documents within a secure, searchable repository. Within the DocuWare solution, HR teams can use ready-to-go digital workflows and web forms for applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, performance reviews and time-off request management.

DocuWare Invoice Processing

  • DocuWare for Invoice Processing completely automates your invoice process, from data capture to approval to generating a transaction record for posting directly to your accounting or ERP system.

DocuWare Smart Document Control

  • DocuWare for Smart Document Control gives you a secure, searchable home to quickly store and retrieve business documents. In addition, DocuWare provides web-based and mobile access, efficient task assignments and smart digital workflows.

DocuWare Employee Vaccine Status Tracking & Management

  • DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management is a solution that will support a fast and safe return to work, making it easy for everyone. The reality of vaccination and testing management presents a whole new challenge for already busy HR teams but for the safety of their employees and to keep their businesses up and running.  DocuWare offers a simple way to automate the collection and tracking of this data giving peace of mind to employers and employees.

Electronic Signatures with DocuWare

  • DocuWare Signature Service ensures that your documents are digitally signed by a verified Trust Service Provider and offers your business maximum speed and flexibility.

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