Department of the navy


Seaport-NXG (SeaPort Next Generation)

Contract Number: N00178-19-D-7137

Trust ACT for your SeaPort-e needs.

SeaPort-NxG is the Navy's follow on to SeaPort-e contract vehicle.  This US Navy, NAVSEA multiple Award Contract (MAC) provides Naval Sea Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Command, Office of Naval Research, and the United States Marine Corps with an ability to compete their service requirements amongst 1870 SeaPort-NxG (MAC) multiple award contract holders.  

Services provided under this contract are categorized into the 2 following categories:

1)     Engineering Services

2)     Program Management Services

Under SeaPort-NxG, ACT supports engineering and program management services for the Department of the Navy (DoN) ordering activities providing services spanning the entire spectrum of mission areas and technical capabilities, with a period of performance from January 2, 2019 to December 31,2028.

SeaPort-NXG Point of contact

Program Manager

Rebecca Aughney

Voice: (703) 891-4334 x 810

Teaming Coordinator

Patrick Norton

Voice: (703) 891-4334 x 803

Customer Satisfaction

Ed Snyder

Voice: (703) 891-4334 x 854


Subcontracting with ACT under Seaport-NXG

Highly qualified, cost-effective subcontractors interested in pursuing opportunities under SeaPort-NXG are encouraged to contact our SeaPort-NXG Points of Contact listed above.

For all other inquiries and concerns, please contact us through

ACT’s process-focused approach and commitment to quality through measurable, repeatable process development has resulted in process defect identification and elimination, better customer service, improved employee morale, and increased productivity. These benefits translate to lower costs for our customers through increased efficiency across projects.

NQA assessed ACT for IT Program Management

ACT is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in resource fulfillment for information technology services, and leveraged as the core of our IT Program Management. We successfully passed our reassessment audit on June 11, 2018 and our ISO 9001:2015 certificate (# 12627) is valid through June 10, 2021. This audit was conducted by National Quality Assurance,USA. NQA-USA is accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

CMMI Certifications Logos

ACT was previously and successfully assessed at Capability Maturity Model Integration-Development, (CMMI-Dev) Version 1.3 Maturity Level 2.  In early December 2018 ACT was favorably appraised at Capability Maturity Model Integration-Development, (CMMI-Dev) Version 1.3 Maturity Level 2 as well as Capability Maturity Model Integration – Services (CMMI-SVC) Version 1.3 Maturity Level 2.  The most recent appraisal was carried out by SG Solutions, Inc., a CMMI Institute Partner. The CMMI Institute approved the appraisal for public use.    

Our Quality Assurance Program is based in our ISO 9001:2015 certified processes for IDIQ and Task Order management and our CMMI Level 2 assessed program management practices used for project level planning, execution, tracking, and reporting. These documented repeatable quality practices are used on every ACT project or program to objectively verify that performance requirements and required work products meet customer expectations. Our goal is to identify deficiencies, document Corrective Action Reports (CARs) and develop/execute corrective actions early in the lifecycle process to reduce costs and maintain schedule milestones.

The ACT team plans to maximize efficiency and mitigate cost through an integrated management process approach that encompasses three key enablers: empower an Integrated Program Management Team (IPMT); coalesce geographically separated team members through an Integrated Digital Environment (IDE); and drive quality products and support through tailored, cost-effective, Program Management Methodologies (PMMs).  Cost containment and a roadmap toward future efficiencies are key factors in choosing an integrated management approach.

ACT embraces a corporate quality structure that is applied to all ACT program and task activities. Quality activities include tracking a multitude of metrics impacting quality on the IDE. Additionally, the ACT team approach embraces two other quality tools: Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Continuous Process Improvement (CPI).

The QFD tool provides a systematic approach to building a team perspective for meeting customer requirements. The structured QFD methodology defines objectives desired by the customer and identifies the means for deploying the resources required to provide these products or services. As a foundation of ACT’s corporate quality structure, CPI drives each employee to continuously seek new ways of enhancing on-the-job performance. Our customer-oriented focus allows us to define and refine the components of each task and observing the steps in each process that add value to our product and ensure that our programs and products meet or exceed customer requirements.

The major components of our Quality Assurance Program and their sub-elements are broken down below:


  • Identify the Project's QA Requirements
  • Establish Quality Processes
  • Establish Quality Tools
  • Establish the Project's Defined Processes
  • Confirm the Project's Deliverables & Work Products
  • Document the Project's QAP
  • Schedule QA Activities


  • Implement the QAP
  • Maintain the QAP (update to meet changed requirements)
  • Conduct QA Audits
  • Perform QA Reviews


  • Perform Monitoring and Control Activities
  • Manage Preventive Actions
  • Manage Non-compliance Issues
  • Maintain QA Records and Artifacts